Goddess In Training…


Since I was a young girl…I sensed her presence. She tapped me on the shoulder and when I turned around to see who it was, no one was apparently there. No matter, she would beckon to me, a sweet summer wind caressing my face. Or she’d creep up in a drizzling rain, shower and cleanse my soul…dripping an awakening in my fragile heart.

As tree  branches entwined  in a storm I could hear her giggles, inviting me to gaze at at a rainbow appearing through the clouds.  She played in the Sun – flowers bloomed, snow-capped mountains glistened, offering nectar’s bounty.

As fireflies soared through the darkened night her light beams danced through me, and her Knowing led me to hidden crevices, tunnels, and caves filled with secrets and wonder. As the fragrance of Love, she taught me to cherish all sentient creatures, to tune into my heart…to dwell in…

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