When to post – for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest


This isn’t definitive but if you care about reaching an audience someone has done a bunch of legwork here.

Of course my 1PM is California’s rather less friendly 5AM, so perhaps always worth remembering that concepts such as ‘morning’ are relative.

What is the best time to post on social media sites?
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Instagram Hashtags – How does it work and why should you use them?


If you’re on Instagram, you have probably noticed that there are several Hashtag strategies (just like Twitter, IG lets you lable your pictures using the # icon , this makes it both searchable and says something about the picture) out there.  Some people don’t use any, others use too many ( e.g. #Take #a #look #at #the #pink #dress #I #bought #today) and others again highlight a few ( e.g. Take a look at the #pink #dress I bought today).

In my opinion, the last strategy is most valuable. Although I’m not a fan of the strategy of using a # in front of every word, I can see a big boost in the number of likes / hearts when I add a couple of tags to my pictures.

My top ways of using hashtags on Instagram:
* Hashtags are a great way of spreading your pictures, as they make…

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Facebook + Social Media

Liz Ville

Just sent out an eDM today to promote the FB pages for 1NFIN8 and Defin8tion.

At the same time, sent out a message just to get members, followers, collaborators and partners in the loop and as to what they should be staying in tune to.

Here’s the message and I thought it might somehow apply to you, my reader 🙂

Hello everyone! Summer is finally over even though it still feels like it isn’t with the weather we are in.

Just wanted to keep you all in the loop with a very brief summary of what has been happening. We have been doing a lot of collaboration with entrepreneurs and business owners in Hong Kong which kept us occupied – organizing events and a soon-to-be-launched Club/Community (Sorry I can’t disclose that just yet)
To add up, Defin8tion has been successfully well-received by many high-spirited business professionals, entrepreneurs,participants and members…

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Social and Alone

Rebecca S. Morehouse

I’ve done it. I’ve “Facebook stalked” an ex, or that person I went to high school with but haven’t actually talked to for years, or how about tweeting the details of my last meal because I’m apparently desperate to have something to send into the twitter-sphere. Yes, you know what I’m talking about. Regrettable, maybe. Embarrassing, definitely.

Welcome to the newest form of mind numbing, shamefully wasteful ways to spend the day; Social media. This term, “social media” gets me, because sitting around in my underwear, with morning breath and self – loathing, peering into peoples virtual lives couldn’t be more depressing or anti- social.

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facebook may become faceplant

Strategy Inc.

We would like to offer you two charts today that sum up Facebook’s current situation.


Market research firm eMarketer cut its forecast for Facebook’s revenue by no less than $1 billion in a press release published on Thursday. eMarketer expects Facebook to generate $5.04 billion in 2012, down $1 billion from its February forecast of $6.1 billion. The downgrade is a reaction to Facebook’s disappointing revenue growth in the first two quarters of 2012 and comes at a time when bad news for the social network are in no short supply. Facebook has yet to find a way to monetize its growing mobile audience and the company’s stock price has tumbled ever since the social network went public in May.



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Why Small Businesses Should Be On Google+

Tony Ebikeme

Why should small businesses be on Google+? Here are my top 3 reasons why.

1) First and not surprisingly you get a major SEO boost. Google+ pages rank very well, creating or claiming your business page can earn you a top ranking for your brand name or support rankings for your business’s website. Secondly, your website in Google Search pages will be enhanced with your Google+ page and additional information displayed. Thirdly, all your posts and updates are available publicly and therefore viewable and comment-able from anyone on Google+ who may be searching but also via traditional Google search pages. In terms of reach, this is without comparison, even beyond Facebook’s reach.

2) Your business can be top of the ranking overnight with Google Local. How? By entering your address details, this will trigger your Google+ page to appear in local searches for some localised search queries. This is particularly important and essential, if your…

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