Social Networking ‘Gangnam style’

Amit Jadhav

Viral is in blood when you talk of social media. The problem is you can’t identify what can go viral and what not. Nor can you justify why certain comments or videos or pictures go viral and their counterpart with perfect technicalities are not entertained. Man’s mind is full of mysteries and social media platforms are stamping that. What looks exciting for one may be dumb act for another. I tried to give some meaning to Gangnam (in the song word ‘Gangnam’ has no meaning) to learn on why each must be viral. Below each are the reasons, I have mentioned only 5 to make it crisp.

G – Gangnam Style. Novak Djokovic, Chris Gayle, Britney Spears have one thing in common; they did the Gangnam style dance for the camera. I don’t know how many kids and youths are going to perform the same in their annual gatherings in…

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