How to get “likes” on your Facebook Business Page

Enrich Your Marketing

Like Us On FacebookSo you’ve got a fantastic business reflected in your great Facebook Page but only your friends and family “like” your business page on Facebook? Ever wondered why?

Creating a great visually attractive Facebook page is a good start but this isn’t enough by itself.

Think about any business pages that you have “liked” on Facebook. What made you decide to like them? Was it their brilliantly designed page or was it that you genuinely like their product and are happy to let your friends and family know that?

I “liked” a conservatory company page a few weeks ago. I know they build great conservatories but I didn’t do it for that reason, I did it because my friend asked me to help him get started. The fact that I “liked” this page then appeared on all my friends’ and family’s pages which prompted some odd questions from people. ‘Jo, I didn’t…

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