Jan. 2: A Little Manners, Please

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I’m really on a bit of a manners kick these days.  I don’t know if I fell asleep and woke up a cranky old lady, but it seems like most of the world just put all etiquette in a box and threw it away overnight.  Maybe I expect too much, but in these times of financial and political strife, a little manners can go a long, long way.

I’m not suggesting we go back to the dark ages and get all Emily Post proper, but there some  of what I’ll term ‘manner basics’ that I believe we would all benefit from seeing come back into a part of everyday living in 2013.  And if I’ve taken a little modern-day license, well, so be it.  We need a little civility these days!

1.  “Please”, “Thank You” and “You’re Welcome” always.  No excuses.  Period.

2.  Hold the door for anyone older…

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