How to filter Facebook: Don’t miss the Good Stuff (and remove the Bad)

The Techie Guy - Liron Segev

[Tallulah does it again – this time revealing Facebook’s many options of how to engage with friends and remove those “stories” that annoy you]

I have a confession to make. The one time I actually remember many of my Facebook “friends” exist is on their birthdays when Facebook reminds me to wish them a happy one.

The combination of Facebook’s EdgeRank (ensuring you only see posts from people who you interact with regularly) and life in general (introducing you to many, diverse, people over its course) means one often ends up with an eclectic collection of Facebook friends who you never see nor hear from.

In some cases it’s just as well. EdgeRank has done you a service by filtering out all the posts about obscure hobbies you couldn’t care less about. In some cases, though, the formula gets it wrong. I might not care much for philately, nor…

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