How to get “likes” on your Facebook Business Page

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Like Us On FacebookSo you’ve got a fantastic business reflected in your great Facebook Page but only your friends and family “like” your business page on Facebook? Ever wondered why?

Creating a great visually attractive Facebook page is a good start but this isn’t enough by itself.

Think about any business pages that you have “liked” on Facebook. What made you decide to like them? Was it their brilliantly designed page or was it that you genuinely like their product and are happy to let your friends and family know that?

I “liked” a conservatory company page a few weeks ago. I know they build great conservatories but I didn’t do it for that reason, I did it because my friend asked me to help him get started. The fact that I “liked” this page then appeared on all my friends’ and family’s pages which prompted some odd questions from people. ‘Jo, I didn’t…

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Are you there? [STUDY]

WEFurniture .com

Today Mashable put out a study from Napkin Labs showing that only 6% of you are really listening, Take a look.


Big brands like to tout the number of fans they have on Facebook, but a new study suggests they may want to start focusing more on the core audience who actually engage with their Page.

On average, just 6% of fans engage with a brand’s Facebook Page via likes, comments, polls and other means, according to a study from Napkin Labs, a Facebook app developer that works with brands and agencies. Of those fans that did, the average engagement was the equivalent of less than one like over the course of the eight weeks the study was conducted.

Napkin Labs analyzed fan engagement for more than 50 brand pages, including consumer electronics companies, retailers and more, with between 200,000 to 1 million fans each. The researcher…

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Social Networking ‘Gangnam style’

Amit Jadhav

Viral is in blood when you talk of social media. The problem is you can’t identify what can go viral and what not. Nor can you justify why certain comments or videos or pictures go viral and their counterpart with perfect technicalities are not entertained. Man’s mind is full of mysteries and social media platforms are stamping that. What looks exciting for one may be dumb act for another. I tried to give some meaning to Gangnam (in the song word ‘Gangnam’ has no meaning) to learn on why each must be viral. Below each are the reasons, I have mentioned only 5 to make it crisp.

G – Gangnam Style. Novak Djokovic, Chris Gayle, Britney Spears have one thing in common; they did the Gangnam style dance for the camera. I don’t know how many kids and youths are going to perform the same in their annual gatherings in…

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Social Media for Internal Communications 101


Companies are more and more trying to introduce internal social media to seize the creative potential and the far reaching expertise of its individual employees and also engage them for changes in the company, allowing their employees to share their minds and let the company grow with them. However, these attempts often end due to employees’ neglect and lack of participation. By following some simple rules for the implementation and management of social media, companies can avoid that their attempts to introduce social media tools will end as “intranet deserts”.

  1. Listen. Social Media starts with listening: Find out what people are talking about and whether there is the need for social media at all. Choose the nature of the tool according to the specific change process and the resulting communications need of the employees, e.g. discussion or knowledge exchange tools.
  2. Commit. It’s hard to encourage employees to…

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